The Jordan River Farm

A small family farm in northwest Ohio raising selectively bred
Buckeye Chickens and Silver Appleyard Ducks

We are a small family farm located near Richwood, Ohio, right in the middle of wonderful farming country in northern Union County. Our mission is to return agriculture to a more sustainable small-scale model that emphasizes quality over quantity.

We raise Heritage Poultry using locally grown non-GMO and organic grain as well as letting our birds forage on edible plants and bugs out on pasture. We sell top-quality day-old poultry, frozen whole chicken and duck, and chicken and duck eggs.

Buckeye Chickens
OH-IO! What better chicken for the great state of Ohio then Buckeyes! (Although they do well in other states too. Even that state up north) Buckeyes were first bred by Nettie Metcalf of Warren, Ohio. She meant for them to be an active, dual purpose (meat and eggs) bird that were well adapted to Ohio’s cold winters.  We breed our Buckeyes for their original intent of BOTH meat and egg production. Cockerels will produce a nice meaty 4 lb carcass at 16 weeks. Hens are good egg layers and still produce a delicious stewing hen once their laying days are over.

We sell only unsexed Straight Run chicks. A small number of started pullets are also available during some of the year.

At this time we do not ship and only offer on-farm pickup.


Silver Appleyard Ducks
We are very fond of these large, colorful ducks! With their gentile personalities and great production qualities, they are hard not to like! Many people don’t realize just how good ducks are at egg laying. Our Silver Appleyards are great layers and their eggs are much larger than a chicken’s. These ducks are also very hardy and great foragers.

Silver Appleyard Ducks are a great dual-purpose breed first developed by Reginald Appleyard in the 1940’s. His stated goal was to “make a beautiful breed of duck, with a combination of beauty, size, lots of big white eggs, and a deep long, wide, breast.” We think he succeeded! We breed our Silver Appleyards with Reginald’s goals in mind.

We offer unsexed, straight run, day-old ducklings with on-farm pick up only.


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