Ransdell Ranch

Selectively Bred Black Australorps and Midget White Turkeys in the Sacramento Valley

  • Payment Terms – Full payment for the birds and shipping costs is due before the birds are shipped.  We do not include shipping charges at the initial ordering time.  We will invoice you the shipping costs once they are calculated.
  • Cancellations – Sometimes it is necessary for a us to cancel an order, and we reserve the right to do so.  If we cancel your order you will be issued a full refund.
  • Sexing Policy – We only sell day-old poultry as straight run: we do not sex them.  We do not agree with the practice of disposing of day-old chicks solely based on their gender.  We like to see all chicks be allowed to fulfill their purpose.  Generally, an order of 100 birds will have 50 males and 50 females.  The smaller the number of chicks you order, the less likely you are to have a 50/50 ratio.  There is no guarantee of the ratio of pullets to cockerels.
  • NPIP – Our NPIP number is CA-443.  Shipments are reported to the California NPIP representative.
  • Local Pickup Policy – We welcome local pickups.  Arrangements will need to be made well in advance of your hatch date.  You must pick the poultry up on the agreed upon date.  It is necessary to empty our hatching facilities of all live birds in order to prepare for the next hatch.
  • Ordering Policy – Be sure to order as early as possible.  Our chicks are in high demand and we fill orders in the order in which they are received, on a first-come, first-served basis.  It is common practice to order 8-16 weeks prior to the date you want for delivery.  Once you have placed an order we will then secure your place on the hatching schedule and take those birds off the market.
  • Shipping Addresses – If the birds must be shipped, please know that we may not be able to ship to all addresses.  Depending on the season, orders may be canceled and refunded if the shipping cannot be completed in a manner that is safe for the birds to travel.  The chicks’ health is our number one concern.  We do not export birds.  Since Avian Influenza has descended on the United States, individual State’s poultry import laws have become moving targets.  When you place an order, we will make every effort to contact your state and ascertain if we are able to ship to you at this time.  We will notify you quickly if we cannot take your order and will immediately process a full refund.
  • Minimum Quantities – Shipping too few birds is dangerous, both in terms of temperature balance and keeping the birds calm in the box.  Minimum order is 25 chicks or 25 poults.
  • Vaccination Policy – At this time, we do not vaccinate day-old poultry.  Our goal is to produce birds that can withstand common environmental stresses.  If you know of a disease your birds are likely to encounter when they get to your place, please research whether our chicks are the right way to go.
  • Health Concerns with Poultry – Live animals and pets can be a source of potentially harmful micro-organisms, germs, (including Salmonella) and bacteria.  Therefore, precautions must be taken when handling and caring for them to prevent fecal/oral transmission among people.  Please see the CDC website for more information. http://www.cdc.gov/healthypets/resources/salmonella-baby-poultry.pdf
  • Guarantee – On shipped birds, we guarantee live arrival and 48 hour survivability.  We normally ship extras to cover shipping losses. Please count the number of live birds before reporting losses.
  • Please Note: We guarantee live arrival.  We do not guarantee how long the chicks will take to get there.  We ship every order Priority Mail Express, and even though the USPS tracking may say ‘guaranteed arrival’, their guarantee has never produced any refunds.  We do not file for USPS refunds; it is a waste of time.