Ransdell Ranch

Selectively Bred Black Australorps and Midget White Turkeys in the Sacramento Valley

Black Australorps

At Ransdell Ranch we are endeavoring to live off our land in a sustainable way, and after our disappointment with the lack of vigor in our hatchery chickens, we found Black Australorps to be the perfect all around homestead bird. They are robust, excellent brown egg layers that also provide a nice roast for dinner; leaner than a broiler and more flavorful. They’re active foragers and yet very mellow to be around. Plus, they’re beautiful to look when they sparkle in the sun!

We are building on the solid genetic foundation of Forest Farm birds here on the west coast, with a special interest in selecting for long term productivity. We select based on APA standards for excellent type; including measured body capacity and laying records.

These birds impressed us with their vigor from day one, when our first chicks got lost in the mail from North Carolina for four days and were none the worse for wear!
Our poultry enjoys year round pasture shaded by eucalyptus groves, and non-GMO feed.
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We are dedicated to preserving and improving these fine heritage birds.


Midget White Turkeys

Midget White Turkeys were developed in the 1960’s to fill the need for a manageable family size turkey. Midgets are a small version of the Broad Breasted White, having descended from those turkeys crossed with Royal Palms. They have amazing heritage flavor in a 7 to 13 pound dressed size. Mother Earth News placed them first in a heritage turkey taste competition!
Like Australorps, they are a friendly and productive homestead bird, laying 60 – 80 eggs per year.

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