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Dawnridge Farm

Selectively Bred Delaware and Heritage Bronze Turkeys in Northern California


Welcome to Dawnridge Farm in Northern California, near Sacramento. We are living the dream – on our farm with our chickens, turkeys, dogs and goats. Our mission is to preserve and improve the Delaware breed of poultry and Bronze Turkey for the community by selective breeding, selling chicks and poults to other breeders and growers, and educating the public about the importance of heritage breeds of poultry and turkeys. Our birds are allowed to roam freely, searching for good things to eat, take dirt baths when wanted and scratch to their hearts content!

We are breeders of the Heritage Delaware bird, first bred in 1940 in the state of Delaware. The breed was introduced into the “American Standard of Perfection” in 1952. Our birds provide a higher body weight and development without forfeiting its versatile flavor due to its slow growth.  It was originally bred to be a “dual purpose” bird – meat and eggs. They are excellent as broilers with an abundance of vigor and fine meat quality, produce large to jumbo sized eggs and are calm and friendly.




We only breed from our best hens and roosters. We collect eggs at least twice day and keep them cool until they are ready to go in the hatcher. We candle at 10 days to check for any problems and that they are fertile. Chicks take 21 days to hatch and turkeys about 28 days.

Delaware Chick availability:

Straight Run ONLY, we usually ship on Mondays

Feb 13, 100 Chicks available

Feb 21, 50 Chicks available

Feb 27, 50 Chicks available

Mar 6, 100 Chicks available

Mar 13, 50 Chicks available

Mar 20, 50 Chicks available

Mar 27, 100 Chicks available

Apr 3, 50 Chicks available

Apr 10, 100 Chicks available

Apr 17, 50 Chicks available

Apr 24, 100 Chicks available

May 1, 50 Chicks available

We are very interested in connecting with those who are developing

and supplying local and regional markets with heritage chickens.

Please contact us if you are interested in larger orders (more than 200 birds).

We are usually capable of shipping chick orders with more than one breed of chick/poults depending on hatching availability. You will still need to order at least 25 total chicks if you want them shipped. When ordering less than 25 of any one breed, each chick will be $10 and poult $18. Select Quantity desired below, but if the desired quantity isn’t listed, feel free to make a note in the comment section and your order can be adjusted.

Chicks start at $9.00

Minimum Order Quantity is 25 chicks

25 – $9.00 each

50 – $8.50 each

100 – $8.00 each

150-200 – $7.50 each

Shipping Charges are included.

48-Hour Live Chick Guarantee on Shipped Chicks – We have a 100% Live Delivery Guarantee. We always hope that you will receive your birds in the same healthy condition they left the farm in. Should something happen enroute, please get verification from your post office and contact us at once. We often add extra chicks (depending on the size of the order) to help fulfill this guarantee. However, if losses should occur in shipping and you do receive less live chicks than you ordered, you must notify us of the loss within 48 hours. Depending on your losses, we will work with you to make your order whole. We are always a bit on edge during the shipment period, so if you could let us know when they are safely tucked into their warm brooder, we would love it.

We welcome local pickups. We would love to never ship a chick again, so if you can drive to us for pickup at 20548 Dawnridge Dr, Grass Valley, CA 95949, that would be great! We do not charge for shipping fees during the initial order, in hopes that local pickup arrangements can be made. Chicks/poults are capable of surviving shipment as day-olds without harm to them in most cases. If you are around poultry long enough, you will hear or experience a horror story of shipping that is hard to forget. It is possible that we could arrange to meet you halfway for a delivery fee based on mileage. Arrangements will need to be made well in advance of your hatch date. You must pick the poultry up on the agreed upon date. Failure to pick the poultry up on the correct date will result in you paying a brooding charge of $1 per bird per day.

If the birds must be shipped, please know that we may not be able to ship to all addresses. Depending on the season, orders may be canceled and refunded if the shipping cannot be completed in a manner that is safe for the birds to travel. The chicks’ health is our number one concern. In the warm summer months, we do not ship anywhere that the birds cannot be overnighted to. A three-day shipping trip in hot weather is just too hard on the chicks. Sometimes shipping to a nearby large city address can make the difference between two days and three. We will work on shipping alternatives with you if your first address does not qualify. Since Avian Influenza has descended on the United States, individual State’s poultry import laws have become moving targets. When you place an order, we will make every effort to contact your state and ascertain if we are able to ship to you at this time. We will notify you quickly if we cannot take your order and will immediately process a full refund.

Be sure to order as early as possible. Our chicks are in high demand and we fill orders in the order in which they are received, on a first-come, first served basis. It is common practice to order 8-16 weeks prior to the date you want for delivery. We start taking orders  for the current year to be booked and shipped between January and June. You will have some idea of our availability from our farm page, but since multiple people can be placing an order at a time, we cannot guarantee ship dates. Once you have placed an order we will then secure your place on the hatching schedule, take those birds off the market and send you a confirmation of your hatch/ship date.

When you place an order you can express your preferred hatch timeframe. For example: I would like my chicks to hatch in May. If no timeframe preferences are expressed, we will assume you want your order ASAP. After receiving the order, we will contact you by email with a ship date.

We do our best to meet the hatch date. If we are unable to provide chicks on the scheduled hatch day, you can choose to reschedule, receive a refund, or accept a smaller number of birds. We hatch chicks on Sundays or Mondays. Please let us know if you are willing to accept any substitutions or smaller numbers in order to accommodate a rush order.

Expect your order to arrive at your local post office in one to two days from the shipping date. We always ship Priority Express. We do our best to meet the scheduled shipment date. If we are unable to provide chicks on the scheduled hatch day, you can choose to reschedule, receive a refund, or accept a smaller number of birds. We ship chicks on Mondays – unless it is a holiday. Please let us know if you are willing to accept any substitutions or smaller numbers in order to accommodate a rush ship date. We will always contact you (either by phone or e-mail) the day the shipment is mailed and provide you with a tracking number. Most local Post Offices will call the phone number you provided for us and hold the chicks for you to pick up at the post office. Some Post Offices will put the chicks on the residential delivery truck to bring them to your home which can result in as much as a 24 hour delay. You can help prevent that by contacting your Post Office and letting them know you are expecting chicks and to please let you know as soon as possible when they are available for pickup.

We are always thrilled to hear back when they are happily pecking away at your place in their brooder. Do NOT email while driving. Get those babies home and taken care of first!

Shipping is not free. There is no fee above the price of the chicks for local pickup.

Full payment for the birds and shipping costs is due before the birds are shipped. You must pay online for birds in order reserve your spot on the farm’s hatching schedule. We do not include shipping charges at the initial ordering time because we strongly encourage picking up your chicks in person. If you choose to have your chicks shipped, we will invoice you via Paypal when we have set a shipment date, and we will require payment of said invoice before shipping your birds. We charge actual postage rates and no handling charges, so the price will vary depending on your location. We accept Paypal for payment and require upfront payment for both local pickup and shipped orders.

Change Policy –We will do our best to accommodate changes to your order before the eggs are set in the incubator. No changes are allowed within 3 weeks of your ship date.

Cancellations are subject to a $10 fee if you cancel before your shipping invoice is paid or for local pick ups, prior to 4 weeks before your scheduled ship date. When we send the shipping invoice, you have 48 hours to accept the shipping date and pay the invoice. Contact us if you have any questions at that time. If you cancel after the shipping invoice has been paid, but before 2 weeks prior to your ship date we charge a 25% cancellation fee. No cancellations are allowed within 2 weeks of your ship date. Our priority is the chicks; they need to have homes secured when they are scheduled to hatch.

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