Claborn Farms

Selectively Bred Barred Plymouth Rocks, New Hampshire Reds and Delawares

Joe Claborn - holding awesome Barred Plymouth Rock

Claborn Family Farms

Claborn Farms

If we take care of the birds, the birds will take care of us.

Our family run farm supplies day old chicks, started pullets, hatching eggs, eating eggs, ready to cook chicken and turkeys for our surrounding community. We love to talk chicken – and sometimes turkey.  Once a quarter we have a farm day where we give a tour of our farm and cap it off with a heritage chicken meal.  Our farm days include lots of time to talk about why we do what we do, what works and what doesn’t work.

We have over 10 breeds of chickens and 3 breed of turkeys.  In the spring we hatch every other week, so we can normally fill smaller orders within a couple of weeks. Larger orders require more time as we will need to set more eggs.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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We select for a friendly disposition. No mean aggressive roosters allowed. Our birds are excellent layers and the cockerels are ready to harvest at 14-16 weeks.  Our breeding flocks are in stationary housing with pasture outruns.  We grow out our cockerels on pasture in mobile and stationary coops.

New Hampshire Reds

Traditionally, New Hampshires were bred for dual-purpose use, with the main focus on meat production. Our current line of New Hampshires has been selectively bred for the past five years for a balance of meat and egg production.

Barred Plymouth Rocks

Our Barred Plymouth Rocks have excellent barring. They have been selectively bred for 15 years.